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Witch Womb Healing

Just got back from a retreat with Harmony & Maggie and the phenomenal nature witch Margo. These women are the real deal and they will always be in my heart. Thank you, my sisters.

Witchy podcast

Super informative, spiritual and dives deep into the wound of women and the witch. Explores the power of women and our feminine divinity that society has tried to suppress. They use their platform for speaking up on women’s rights and how our bodies are sacred.

Love it!

This podcast is a very magical podcast. It truly resonates with a lot of parts of my soul and my journey past and present. in a small town I truly feel this will help many others in all different ways. Wether you know about witchy stuff, or womb work, so on so forth, or if you don’t and want to know more I highly recommend diving deep into this podcast allowing it to open you up even more! 🤍

New fave thing!

Love that I have this to listen to on the way to work and home from the day!! Living in a small town it’s hard to get like minded women around me! Love having this connection even if it’s just in podcast form <33


These women are amazing. Love the podcast

So good!!!



Listening to these three women talk about not only what they do, but their journeys to what they do and who they are now brings me so much happiness and tears to my eyes! I, myself, am trying to find who I am and what power I really hold and what I can really do and I already know just from episode one that listening to them is really going to help with that. I’ve been trying to blend in with the people around me who go to church and read the Bible and tell me all these things about what’s right and wrong but I’ve always felt that that’s not really who I am. Listening to these women just now, I realize even more that I can’t be a people pleaser when my intuition tells me I have so much more beauty, power, and truth inside of me.